Advancing Global Innovation in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

WTT is a collaborative forum at the forefront of advancing global innovation in DLT.

About the WTT

WTT brings together experts from across the financial services industry, government and academia to debate the benefits and barriers to implementing DLT faster and further within our financial system.

What is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT):

DLT enables the sharing and updating of records in a distributed and decentralised way. In DLT-based systems, multiple participants can propose, validate, and record updates to a single synchronised ledger, which is shared between participants

(Source: Bank of England)

Jeremy Wilson,

Chair of WTT:

“Collaboration and openness is key. The UK already has world-class digital capability, innovative financial services, a strong research community and growing private sector expertise. Through collaboration and hard work, incumbent financial institutions, start-ups, corporates, regulators, individuals and wider society as a whole around the world will benefit from the potential and ethical application of Distributed Ledger Technology.”